Flying Tigers Win the 2019 Jax Invitational

The Flying Tigers walked into the Jacksonville Invitational huge underdogs and stepped back off the field at the end, lacrosse champions. It was unbelievable to watch in person.

When their bus arrived, they were late to register. It had broken down on the road from Arizona and took hours for a tow truck to arrive. After a local repair shop fixed it, the bus drove through the night (which they’re not supposed to do) to get here just slightly late.

The Flying Tigers stepped off the bus in their crimson red and blue jerseys as the youngest team ever to enter the Jacksonville Lacrosse Invitational at an average age of 13.5. These teenagers competed against teams 2-3 years old who clearly had more experience. But, the crazy part is that it didn’t matter. The Flying Tigers played as a team and that made the difference. Their passing was flawless, their improvisation was on point, and man did they run for their lives.

The game was tied going into half time at 4-4, which was a major crowd shocker. Everyone expected the other team, the Golden Bears, too absolutely obliterate them. But, it just didn’t happen. Speaking with their coach during intermission, he said that they need to step up their game if they want to take home the trophy.

The Flying Tigers stepped onto the field in the 2nd half and ran the show. They were flinging passes to within an inch of where they needed to be. They scored 7 times from inside the 15 yard line! I’ve never seen anything like even at a pro level. It was like they were possessed with talent for a brief time. They played a flawless game and ended with the score of 11-4, undefeated in their season, and on top as the winners.

Congratulations to Coach Klein and the Flying Tigers! You guys rock.